Screenshot of a pre-alpha video library test.

Deepview is a distributed, democratic, diverse television platform that is being developed as a community-owned and collectively managed social and media resource.

It is being created specifically to support the work of independent content creators and changemakers - filmmakers, journalists, trade unions, co-operatives, charities, campaigners, community groups and third sector organisations in the UK. It aims to be a democratically owned and managed organisation, with content reflecting its diverse community of content contributors and audiences, using a distributed network model.

Through the curation and sharing of these films and videos, we can help connect to a growing audience interested in looking deeper than the mainstream media, into the real experiences, stories and truths behind the issues that highlight our society's failings; acknowledge positive achievements; and learn how we can all contribute towards the creation of a better, fairer, more democratic society.

For further project information and updates please read our blog.